Luxembourg-Russia Business Chamber

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Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

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the conference

Russia-Luxembourg: Real Estate Opportunities and Trends


Date:               17 May, 2017

Time:              10.30-14.00

Venue:            Chamber of Commerce, 7, rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg-Kirchberg




  • Welcome of the Chamber of Commerce - Mr. Jeannot Erpelding and the LRBC – Mrs. Olga Huizinga


  • Inowai – RE market in Luxembourg today - opportunities for investors: Marc  Baertz, Inowai


  • Investment pioneers in Russia and current trends and opportunities in Russian RE retail and consumer sector: Jean Marie Billiotte / Alexandre Starinsky, Lupercale S.A SICAR / Kaltchuga Capital Management SA


  • Investing in Russian and European real estate through the Luxembourg platform: El-Dar Hachaev / UFG Wealth  Management – Real Estate


  • QA with all speakers moderated by Timothy Fenwick, Quantum Potes


  • Presentation of the Real Estate Committee of LRBC, plans and scope for collaboration with other institutions: Olga Huizinga, LRBC/ Deloitte; Timothy Fenwick, Quantum Potes; Irina Boechat, Pan-Invest Luxembourg S.A.; Pavel Nesvedov. EY; Yana Neblosina, Top Home Lux; Pierre Goes, Mizuho;  Romain Viard, Wildgen




The conference will be followed by a walking lunch.


Participation fee: free of charge


RSVP by Monday, 15 May 2017

By Email: (Ekaterina LITVINOVA)