for the Annual General Meeting

of the members of the

Luxembourg Russia Business Chamber

(the “Association”)


                                                                    Luxembourg, June 08, 2018


CONVENING NOTICE is hereby given to all members of the Association according to Article 16 of the Statutes (the “Statutes”) that an Annual General Meeting of the Association (the “AGM”) will be held as follows:


Date:                           Monday 18 June, 2017

Time:                           5:00-8:00 pm

Place:                          Sofitel Luxembourg Europe,

                                    4, rue du fort Niedergrünewald, Luxembourg




  1. Approval of the Chairman, the Scrutineer and the Secretary,                                     
  2. Acknowledgment and examination of the Chairman’s report and presentation of the list of the members as at 31.12.2017,
  3. Acknowledgment and examination of the Treasurer’s report in respect of the financial year ended as at 31.12.2017,
  4. Acknowledgement and examination of the Report of the “Réviseur de caisse” for the accounts as at 31.12.2017,
  5. Approval of the accounts of the Association for the financial year ended as at 31.12.2017,      
  6. Determination of the budget and membership fees for 2018,                                     
  7. Granting full discharge of liability (quitus) to the Committee’s members with respect to the execution of their mandates during the financial year ended as at 31.12.2017,
  8. Statutory election of the Committee’s members,                                                                               
  9. Miscellaneous.                                                                                                                               


Members unable to attend may appoint a proxy (please see attached PDF file).


Please send a signed proxy before 14th of June 2018.


The Annual General Meeting will be followed by a Cocktail party. 


The Committee