On October 17th, 2017, Luxembourg-Russia Business Chamber and its industry sub-committee held a specialized conference at the headquarters of Paul Wurth S.A. in Luxembourg. It gave “Insight into industrial activities of Luxembourg companies in Russia”.

The event gathered an audience representing a cross-section of Luxembourg’s business community as well as representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Paul Wurth’s CEO, Mr. Georges Rassel, welcomed the guests and stressed the importance of the Russian market for the company at the current time.

The main speaker of the evening, Mr. Nikolay Murashko, representing Guardian Europe, has been involved in market and business development in Russia including the set-up of two float glass production units in 2008 and 2012. His presentation addressed specific aspects of “Doing business in Russia responsibly and profitable.” It was followed by a lively discussion moderated by Mr. Steffen Köhler, Board member of LRBC. Mr. Raymond Ackermann of Accumalux, a Luxembourg-based, private technology and manufacturing company, described why and how the management decided for Russia to become the place of the most recent expansion of their international manufacturing base. For Paul Wurth, its former CTO Mr. André Kremer, explained the specific approach of an engineering and plant building company to the Russian market. This was followed by more questions to the panellists. The audience was particularly interested in the influence of culture, mentality, skills and availability of workforce forming the environment for a foreign business being settled in Russia.

The conference closed with a networking reception which has been hosted by Paul Wurth S.A.

Paul Wurth (www.paulwurth.com) is an international market leader in engineering, technology and plant building for the metals industry with focus on the primary processes of integrated steelmaking.

Guardian (www.guardianglass.com) is a global player in the glass industry as manufacturer and supplier of float glass, glass products and construction material for commercial, residential and automotive applications. Since 1981, its European headquarters are located in Luxembourg.

Accumalux (www.accumalux.com) is an international company supplying plastic components for the automotive, motive power and reserve power battery industry. It is a specialist in injection moulding as well as in design and construction of injection moulds for plastic parts.

Luxembourg-Russia Business Chamber is an independent, apolitical, non-profit association, the members of which are united in their common goal of promoting professional, commercial, economic, cultural and scientific relations between the countries of Luxembourg and Russia.